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Branding Platform

As part of our general approach to marketing communications we address the development and implementation of a branding platform. This platform can be either a formal process or an informal recognition of the characteristics or attributes that are projected by a company, its products, and personnel. The initial phase defines the service attributes and differentiating factors, and develops a positioning platform.

The implementation of a branding program can vary greatly. At its foundation is an acknowledgement of and a corporate commitment to the principle of the branding platform. This platform considers both the company’s identity and the brand’s identity.

On a high level, the Corporate Identity is reflected in a company Mission Statement. This Statement embodies objectives and goals, innovation, teamwork, conduct, service, attitude, and corporate values. It is written in a concise manner from the perspective of the company and acts as an underlying guideline for creating a successful organization.

Brand Identity, on the other hand, focuses on the customer’s external perceptions, motivations, and expectations of their relationship with the brand and the benefits they receive from the use of the product or service. At its most basic level a brand is the “word” to which value and experience is attached. It is not the company but the product, as Apple is to iPhone, consumers respect the company, but identify, value, experience, and purchase the brand.

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